Student Reflections on Marcia’s Work

The purpose of reflection is to help students understand themselves as learners. It is important for children to think about how they learn, why they learn, and to explore the challenges and pleasures of learning.

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“Movent [movement] help me because you will learn faster. The movent [movement] help me to learn and learn. Because it is telling me the anwer [answer]”

3rd Grade ESL Student

Fayetteville, Arkansas

“When I was working with a partner I learned how to respond better with people and work with my classmates. Plus listening to others can make you learn more than you already know. When have you [the teachers] had a partner and listened to them?”

4th grade student

Phoenix, AZ

“By working with different students I learned that we have to listen to each other and try each others ideas and mix them up a little bit and see what it’s like. Then we decide which to go with. Then we see if we made mistakes at all. That’s what I learned.”

2nd Grade Student, Washington, D.C.

“When I was working with a partner I learned that I had to have the courage to get up in front of an audience. We also had to be quiet when people were doing their [movements] or it would mess them up.”

2nd grade student

Greenville, Mississippi

“It [moving] helps me understand because there is a lot less thinking. I can move around rather than just sitting there with a penncile [pencil].”

2nd grade ESL student

Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Well. My partner sometimes got confused with what motions we were doing. They stopped and I told them that they were doing the wrong thing. If we got it done the first time we always messed up the second time. When we thought we had it down, we sometimes got confused. Then we aventualy [eventually] got it done.”

5th grade student

Grenville, South Carolina

“The challenge I had working with a partner was remembering the movements. The way I sovld [solved] it was by reating [reading or repeating] it in my head.”

2nd grade ESL student

Washington, D.C.

“I had a trouble with my partner. We had trouble understanding each other by not knowing what to do. But finally we figured it out by my partner doing one movment [movement] and [by me] doing the other. I think this math was the best!!”

4th grade student

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Moving helps me understand math because I can do it instead of just looking at it.”

5th grade student

Fairfax County, Virginia

“Do you know what I learn from the other students? That they thought hard and good and do good in math. When they tell me the answer I feel like I know the answer all ready because they told it to me. But sometimes I all ready have the answer in my head all ready.”

5th grade ESL student

Enid, Oklahoma

“I learned to let other people talk before my hand goes up in the air like a jet. I think it [that] made [makes] them sort of nerves [nervous]. [When you wait] you can learn more. Hey, maybe I was going to answer that same answer.”

3rd grade student

Fayetteville, Arkansas

“I learned I can make my ideas from my own head. I can look at other students ideas and think that’s preety [pretty] good but most of the time I like my ideas the best because they are my own imagination.”

4th grade student

Montgomery County, Maryland